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MY1065 Digital Pot

A useful little device to set machine speed without having to run a 10 volt reference from the controller. Can be reset when the machine stops so on restarting the speed is zero and the machine will not run away unexpectedly. Using a digital pot which has no end stops allows for a better resolution for fine tuning but still reaches it‘s maximum value quickly unlike a 10 turn potentiometer. A mechanical device is still more friendly than trying to watch a process and adjust a touch screen value at the same time

  • Endless encoder pot with 0 to 10v dc 1024 step analogue voltage output.
  • Speed monitored adjustment. Turn slow for fine adjustment, fast for rapid change of output
  • Reset input switches off the pot and resets the output to 0 volts.
  • Push on/push off push button to enable the device, also switches on a voltage free contact
  • A link on the PCB switches the relay contact from being normally open to normally closed. (only when powered up)
  • On board precision 10 volt reference
  • 20KOhm equivalent output resistance.


Min Ideal Absolute Max
Power supply 10v dc 24v dc regulated 30v dc
- - 13mA
Output 0 volts - 10 volts
Reset input 10 volts 24v dc 24v dc
Output resistance 20 kOhm
Relay Contact 1 Amp Resistive
Wire Size 26AWG / 0.129mm2 16AWG / 1.309mm2
PCB Dimensions
Physical dimensions


Terminal Description
1 (marked) Supply +24V dc
2 0 volts
3 Reset input
4 10v Reference input
5 0 to 10volts dc analogue output
6 0 Volts
7 10v Reference output
8 Spare
9 Voltage free relay contact
10 Voltage free relay contact
PCB Layout.jpg
PCB Layout
24v Supply schematic
Using 24v supply and internal 10v reference
10v Supply schematic
Using external 10v reference as a supply